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Trading communities (bot-traders, arbitrage, day-traders…) generate billions of dollars in volume and liquidity to the market, they don't obtain any compensation for it. Traders look for trading opportunities basing their decision on technical analysis, project reputation and the overall risk, however, there is no real incentive to attract traders to generate volume, nor a market where to exchange trading activity for rewards.
Projects need to achieve or maintain high average volume/liquidity metrics in order to get more visibility or list in top tier exchanges among other reasons (oracles, partnerships...). They hire Market Makers and create several marketing actions to attract new traders and users. Most liquidity and volume solutions are expensive and centralized.
Liquid Miners goal is to create a new revenue stream for traders that generate liquidity and trading volume that token issuers, communities and exchanges need to grow and are willing to reward.


Liquid Miners consists of two protocols:
  • Trading Proof
  • Trade-to-Earn Marketplace
Trading Proof
ZK-SNARKs solution to actively prove on-chain the trading activity that takes place in exchanges, preserving the trader’s privacy.
Any trader can certify specific trading activity submiting read only API Keys (CEXes) or a Wallet proof (DEXes). The trading activity will be public on-chan preserving the traders identity (userid), balances, and other sensitive data.
The Trading Proof protocol generates transparent and traceable volume/liquidity exchange-independent data, making it more accessible to the general public, institutions and media.
Trade-to-Earn Marketplace
The first permissionless liquidity and volume solution that incentivizes retail traders (bot traders, arbitrage, day-traders...) to generate trading activity to tokens listed in exchanges, creating the first decentralized, transparent and trazable market for volume and liquidity.
Token issuers, exchanges and communities create reward pools to promote the liquidity and volume of a specific token pair. Retail traders earn the rewards for trading specific token pairs, thus helping projects in need of volume and liquidity. By certifying trading activity using the Trading Proof protocol, traders earn the rewards placed in the reward pools according to variables like number of trades, amount, and spread.


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